Friday, July 26, 2013

Thai Basil Iced Tea

One of my childhood memories is gazing at an enormous pitcher of water with tea bags and a ton of cut lemon basking in the Summer's heat on my Aunt's sunny picnic table.  Wondering how odd it was that the sun would cook the tea.

Steeping in the sun on the deck.

I've tried to up the ante in my version by adding the herb Thai basil.  Once again, my CSA threw me for a loop by giving me a huge  -- I mean HUGE -- bundle of Thai basil.  Thai basil is really nothing like sweet Italian basil because it has more of a licorice flavor and more spice.  How do you use it?

The keys to the universe.

Printable Recipe Here

Thai Basil Iced Tea
makes one large pitcher of tea

Large pitcher of filtered water
1 or 2 bags of black Pekoe tea
Large bundle of Thai basil
Stevia or cane sugar and lemon, for serving 

Place tea bags and basil in the pitcher with the water.  Place in afternoon sun to steep.  Steeping time depends on how dark you like your tea. Four hours for medium strength, eight for strong strength. After done steeping remove tea bags and basil.  Chill well.  Serve over ice, sweetened if desired and garnished with more basil and/or lemon.

Thai Basil Iced Tea

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