Monday, November 21, 2016

Accepting Feelings of Hunger… My Bone Broth Fast Experience

No Make-up. No Filter. 
Today started as any other day, with a time of meditation and prayer, moving into my children's rooms waking them for school. Feeding them breakfast and choosing for myself a simple yogurt smoothie, which ignites a chain reaction. Was it due to the brief conversation on Sunday with a friend on her Keto Diet? Turning my own eating and exercising habits into a petri dish whose microscope is magnifying my ego. See, I've never been one for consistency - exercising when I feel like it, with no regularity. Resentfully dialing down my inclination to fried food, sweets, and other crappy food choices when my chin starts to resemble a game of connect the dots. The chain reaction started with the conversation which exploded on Monday morning, the morning of best intentions, starting with a healthy smoothie and an inspiring jog, and then, explosions: the idea of a Bone Broth Cleanse began to form. Unexpectedly, I  decide to replace lunch with a cup of bone broth and meditation. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New Journey… Taking Stock Foods // Brand Ambassador

In the Valley
Standing in the Valley, Ready to Make the Climb to Victory! 

Are you the best version of yourself today? Asking myself the same question, I answer "Nope, I'm not yet where I want to be," but because I know God isn't done with me yet and He is full grace and mercy I'm being propelled to a path of personal transformation which I feel strongly compelled to share because maybe you, too, are going through struggles and want victory!!

Are you with me? Seeking Abundance… 

Seeking abundance through self-love, mercy, grace, motivation, positivity, less noise, more meaningful relationships, spirituality, career contentment (no matter the path - especially SAHM!), consistency in eating and exercising and fill-in-the-blank-blank-blank-it-blank-blank??

Are you giving me a big fat OH, YEAZZZZZ! 

Well, jump aboard this choo-choo train and read on because I'm writing a new exciting chapter!