Sunday, August 7, 2016

Cold Buckwheat Sesame Noodles & CSA Veg with Carrot Ginger Dressing

Would describing noodles as slippery be strange? Slithery and slippery noodles with toothsome bite absolutely perfect for slurping. A buckwheat noodle with 100% buckwheat. Did you know that's kinda hard to find? Not anymore.

Give a hearty welcome to one of Minneapolis' newest local food creators, Dumpling & Strand creators of freshly made noodles and pasta available at three Minneapolis area Farmer's Markets.

After meeting the proprietors of Dumpling & Strand at the Midwest Pantry Local Food Trade Show Kelly and Jeff were kind enough to send over samples of their locally made carb delights for me to try and gush about. It's pretty safe to say I ended on the delicious side of the bargain. Toasted Basmati Pasta (topped with rainbow chard and an egg!), Sprouted Whole Wheat Levain Fettucine (lovely sourdough flavor!), Ramen (oh, the slurping!), Egg Fettuccine (butter and parmesan for days!). Dumpling & Strand is all things carblicious and you need to get yourself some!