Wednesday, August 27, 2014

CSA {Community Supported Agriculture} Week 10 & 11

Hello! Have you been following my CSA adventures? I hope so, because look at how amazing things are becoming!! Totally Amazing. Out of this world amazing! AH-MAZE-ING. This week I needed to bundle week 10 & 11 into one week, but don't misunderstand, this is only one week's box - not two weeks. I'm bundling because I was Up North, fishing with my one true love and sweet little babies. We chartered a boat and caught our limits of walleye. Um, yum? We cooked up our catch in the cabin and we were so pleased when the kiddos literally wanted third helpings! More walleye. More walleye. More walleye. I didn't cook enough. Now it's back to reality and back to the farm! For more vegetable love. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Broccoli Party Bread

Aren't parties fabulous? I want to throw a party every weekend if it weren't for my introverted husband I would be stocking plastic cutlery and tea lights as high as my laundry room shelving would allow which is probably a good thing because the other people in my life may be neglected in the food budget category if I were shopping for a parties all week long. When I do get to throw a party I usually like to have some nibbles immediately available upon guests arrival, like olives, nuts and something chocolatey and/or minty. This recipe is a great make ahead, inexpensive and feeds a crowd. A big crusty loaf of French bread is slathered with butter (I know, you're sold, right?), baked until supremely crispy, then a creamy, cheesy broccoli mixture is topped onto the bread, baked again, then sliced for noshing. Broccoli Party Bread will be so perfect at your next party, promise. Nosh on.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

CSA {Community Supported Agriculture} Week 9

Being a part-time wanna-be farmer is so much fun! It's hard work that has you believing you're an 86 year old grandma - bending over 10 bazziollion times, loading cratefuls of the heaviest cabbage on the planet, mucking through mud, swapping at bugs all over your face, using sharp blades that could pierce through your skin at any moment - it's death defying. But! Just take a gander at a morning on the farm and you'll be hoping to jump into the green lusciousness that is this land! 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fresh Greens Pasta Pie

When the people in my life have birthdays I serve them pie. Not pie of the traditional type, you know, filled with apples or berries, but with fresh greens sautéed until wilted then tossed with nutmeg and mozzarella atop a crunchy pasta base. That kinda pie. No one missed the fruit pie, promise. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

CSA {Community Supported Agriculture} Week 7 & 8

I'll blame the last two going on three weeks I haven't posted on this blog or my Facebook page on the Dog Days of Summer. Hot days can be blamed for my lack of motivation forgetfulness to post on the blog and week 7 becomes neglected turning into a combo week 7 & 8. Forgive me. I'm back. With the CUTEST. PHOTOS. EVER.  In a garden. The COOLEST garden ever!