Wednesday, June 17, 2015

CSA Cooking {Community Supported Agriculture} Week 1

Week one of Sweet Beet Farm's Community Supported Agriculture bushel has arrived! You may remember how I documented last year's harvest. If you are newly participating as a CSA Members: 

1) From this point forward save all bread bags, apple bags, lemon bags, bags of all kinds and reuse them for the loose produce, which will be mostly loose. You'll want refrigeration organization because we know being prepped and organized leads to easier weeknight meal-planning

2) Be ready to eat a lot of greens. Did I say a lot? 

3) Bookmark interesting recipes you always wanted to try but never really had a reason to prepare - because now you will need that random recipe for let's say, pea shoots and get ready to be adventurous in the kitchen! 

4) Prepare yourself for the possibility of finding a green caterpillar or other bug in your produce. Don't worry, this is organic produce - bugs mean no pesticides - a symbiotic relationship of sorts. Just toss into the garbage and continue on. 

This salad was a quick lunch after working at Sweet Beet - I trade work for my CSA share, our crew got a little rained on today, but it makes you realize a little rain won't hurt you tough. I simply tore fresh washed beet greens, butter lettuce and the purple variety (dunno the name?) into bite-sized pieces, drizzled with good olive oil and a little champagne vinegar. The freshest salad greens need little adornment. 

Here are a couple other recipes to try with your CSA bushel: 
1 year ago: CSA Week 1

Spring Greens with Champagne Vinegar

Yield: 1 dinner salad

2 handfuls spring greens
Several cracks freshly ground black pepper
Healthy pinch flaky sea salt
2 turns of good olive oil
2 turns of champagne vinegar

Wash greens and chop to bite-sized, scatter into a shallow bowl. Season with salt and pepper. Drizzle with olive oil and vinegar. Be happy. 


  1. Opening up the first box of produce for the season was exciting. Thanks for the recipes. We will make it a goal to try your recipes this summer. I just wish you were doing to cooking too.

  2. Wasn't it though?! It's like opening a little gift of deliciousness every week - you'll never know what you're going to get!


I'd love to hear all about your kitchen adventures! Xo, Becki