Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Spicy Kale Rum Punch

Ah, Summer! Hello! I'm so glad you're here. Why don't we sit on the deck with a Spicy Kale Rum Punch and catch up? This cocktail is herbaceous, spicy, and refreshing, it's a stomach primer for a big meal, spicy, did I say spicy? But after about the first three sips spiciness turns into a mellow, green grassy herb flavor that has you pleasantly sipping. You should've heard Liam poke Christian and whisper dramatically "Mom is… drinking… GREEN... juice" as I was pleasantly sipping mine. Ahhh. 

Making this cocktail requires a little prep, but your friends will be so impressed and they are worth making a little extra effort, aren't they? The steps are easy… first you whir kale and rum in the blender. Then you make a flavor loaded, spicy simple syrup with fresh cilantro and parsley, smokey cumin and caraway seeds, and a whole jalapeño - again all in the blender. Use the jalapeño seeds to make it extra spicy. Pour the rum, simple syrup, some lime juice and seltzer water over a sugar-rimmed, ice-filled glass and it's cocktail time! Enjoy! Xo, Becki

Printable Recipe Here

Spicy Kale Rum Punch
recipe inspired by Saveur

Note: Though I didn't try this as a pitcher of drinks, I would be willing to bet it would work fantastically. 

Yield: 4 cocktails

2 cups white rum
2 large kale leaves + additional for garnish
1 cup cane sugar
2/3 cups water
2 cups cilantro
1/2 cup Italian parsley
1/2 teaspoon each caraway and cumin seeds
1 jalapeno
2 tablespoons turbinado sugar
4 limes
8 ounces seltzer water

Infuse Rum: Remove stems from kale leaves, tear into pieces and toss in a blender, pour rum over and purée until smooth. Strain into a jar, chill until ready to use. 

Make Simple Syrup: Boil sugar and water in a medium saucepan for 2 minutes, or until sugar dissolves, let cool. Remove stem from jalapeño, slice in half and remove seeds if you like a less spicy drink - I left the seeds in and thought the spice was just right to warm the back of my throat. Toss jalapeño into blender along with cooled syrup, cilantro, parsley, caraway and cumin seeds, purée until smooth. Strain into a separate jar with a tight fitting lid (you may have leftovers) and chill until ready to use. 

Assemble Cocktail: Zest one of the limes unto a plate, pour turbinado sugar over zest and using your fingers rub the two together. Now rim cocktail glasses with lime-scented sugar, fill with ice. Pour 2 ounces rum in each glass. Pour 3/4 ounce simple syrup in each glass. Squeeze 3 tablespoons lime juice (or probably 1 lime) in each glass. Stir, top with seltzer water. Garnish with additional lime and/or baby kale leaves. 

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