Tuesday, June 17, 2014

CSA {Community Supported Agriculture} Week 1

I know you've heard of a CSA before, right? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture - a way for yuppies like me people who live in suburban areas to access local and fresh produce while supporting good ol' farming and the local economy.  Great, huh? I've made the (gulp) decision to document every week's box. That statement right there - hold me accountable people. It's been said. There is no turning back. Documenting. Each. Week. Now, listen up - come closer - closer - I need to be called out when I slack. Mmmk? You need to comment (nicely) and tell me demand to see next week! You're lookin' at week one.
An herb garden with sage, thyme, curly parsley, and mint. Four - count 'um FOUR - enormous heads of lettuce - bring on the rabbit-like noshing. A bundle of green onions. A bundle of rhubarb. And a bundle of mint. Are you going to have a blast watching what I create with all this Garden Greatness? Me, too. 

Tell me, are you rocking' the CSA trend right now?

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