Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Only Bowl of Oatmeal you Should Ever Eat Again. Period.

I'm beginning to realize I think about food a lot more than the average person. I'm beginning to realize it's really my thing. I'm beginning to realize I'm a fantastic spokesperson when it comes to home-cooking, local-loving, vegetable procuring, -- an all around kick ass foodie in the true sense of the word. Yes, I teach yoga - it was a bucket list task, a to-do, a check off the check list of life if you will. But - nay! Not my true calling - possibly, could it be? a sabotage to my true path. How did a bowl of oatmeal lead me to these ponderings? I dunno. Something about a couple good words and a steaming cup of coffee aside oatmeal goodness in the morning. 

So, with passion in my mouth I'm determined to make food-love my calling (read: get paid slash be  important for all my impassioned blabbering). I'll no longer be held to the chains of society/culture/low self-esteem/gender roles/so many other factors that send messages that I (women with a dream all over the world) cannot manifest whatever it is that makes them feel empowered and passionate! I WILL be something great! And that is said on the tail end of these people leading me on then dashing my dreams. Oh, no, Food Network! You'll see me again! I eat, breathe, dream, eat, live, everything food! And now that I've embarrassingly let you into what feels like a blog post that most certainly resembles my 13 year old journal writing self, let's make oatmeal. This oatmeal is really yummy. Promise. You can make a big pot on Sunday and have warm breakfast all week long. That's what I do. And mornings are so much more filling and I'm ready to CONQUER THE WORLD! BWA HAH HAHHAAAA HAAAAAA EVILEST LAUGH EVER! HA HAAAaaaaaaAAAAaaaAAaaAAAAaaaAAaaaaa

Coconut Oatmeal Pot

Cooking Note: I've used regular cow's milk, but really love canned coconut milk. Repeat - milk from a can - not the carton coconut milk full of carrageen and yucky chemicals. Say it with me: Canned Milk.

2 1/2 cups canned coconut milk 
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1/8 teaspoon table salt
1 tablespoon coconut oil or unsalted butter
1 1/2 cups old-fashioned oats
1/4 cup shredded coconut
2 tablespoons flax seed
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon (optional)

In a large kettle or Dutch-oven over moderate heat warm milk to a gentle simmer. Stir in brown sugar, salt and coconut oil or butter, if using. Add in oats, stir, cover and reduce heat to medium. Let that bubble for about 5 minutes - stirring occasionally. Be careful not to boil over. 

Once the oats have softened and cooked for about 5 minutes, stir in remaining ingredients. Allow this to marinate over the heat, covered, with the burner turned off, for another 5-10 minutes - or until everything is plumped up, milk is absorbed a little, and everything smells heavenly. 

Remove from heat, dish up in bowls, pour a little extra milk over, top with garnish of choice - bananas, blueberries, flax seed and coconut are all excellent choices. 

Store leftovers covered in the fridge for about a week. Reheats fantastically in the micro or stovetop with a little milk splashed in. 


  1. Oh I bet the coconut milk makes this outta this world. It's bowls like these that help me get outta bed on chilly mornings.

  2. Is it chilly by you? SOOOO COLD HERE IN MN.

  3. Beckie, is the coconut milk sweetened or unsweetened or lo-fat? I saw all three choices in the grocery store.

  4. Unsweetened. Definitely FULL fat. Think - the cans in the Asian/International aisle of the grocery store.

  5. Thanks. I found that Walmart's canned coconut milk has extra junk in it but Trader Joe's has the real deal!


I'd love to hear all about your kitchen adventures! Xo, Becki