Monday, June 30, 2014

Homemade Tarragon Vinegar & Dehydrated Tarragon

Things are happening in my kitchen forcing my mind to fully take in the fact summer is full blown. Completely, 100%, no denying, we are in the smack dab middle of summer. The proof is clear. The peaches at the farm-stand taste like sweet jewels transported from heaven into to my mouth, gargantuan piles of kale litter my kitchen counter to be blanched and frozen, the dehydrator is running constantly while herbs dry out, rainbow chard is being sautéed and portioned out for breakfast all week long, ants are literally crawling up my neck, all over my hands while I type because my sweet little babies have a tendency to leave dribbles of watermelon or crumbs of vanilla wafers underneath the dining room table. And tarragon is going into vinegar. See? It's summer.

I so hope you are a fan of tarragon. The fragrance! Hints of licorice and anise. Very unique. To dry in your dehydrator just simply place the clipped tarragon, still on the stalk, in a single layer on the dehydrator shelves. Place the dryer on low heat and run for 2-3 days or until nice and crispy to the touch. Run your fingers down the stalk to loosen off the leaves and store in a airtight container indefinitely.  I use the dried herb in a mayo-vinegar salad dressing that I pour over cucumbers. This vinegar I'll drizzle over greens or quinoa. The recipe here is really, no recipe! Just place a handful of tarragon in a glass jar. Pour white wine vinegar over the tarragon. Steep for a week before you use. Store in the refrigerator indefinitely. 

Use Tarragon Vinegar Here: 


  1. Tarragon is super lovely but I never thought to add it to a vinegar - makes so much sense!

  2. Hi, Della! Thanks for the comment. What do you use tarragon in??


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