Thursday, August 6, 2015

CSA Cooking {Community Supported Agriculture} Week 8

Oh, my…where does the time go? Already on CSA Cooking Week 8?! I apologize if you've noticed an absence in the Recipe Writing Department this week, but because I've been busy boozing it up and working on the farm (both very important duties) I haven't had time to cook up all my delicious recipe ideas.

Truly! Listen to my cookery wish list: Jalepeño Poppers stuffed with Roasted Corn and Basil…Pork & Napa Cabbage tossed with spicy Korean chili flakes...Chow Mein (actually, this recipe happened, but I forgot to photograph, too hungry)...Cabbage, Apples & Kielbasa (this one happened, too, but I'm not sure what my excuse is for no photo)…the list never stops. . . Which one sounds nummiest to you?

Now, what to do with all this produce? Maybe turn the cabbage into Pasta with Cabbage or put the green beans into Chicken and Dumplings or use the celery for Egg Foo Young. The culinary excitement cannot be contained. Just try and contain me. Just try! BWA HA HA HAA (evil laugh). 

1 Year Ago: CSA Week 8

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