Friday, February 20, 2015

On My Bookshelf Now February 20th, 2015

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt is an astounding, all-consuming, MUST READ novel. If you are a lover of the written word please pick this book up and leave yourself nothing to do but read for about four and a half days. What I think I love most about this book is the way the story is a mirror image of our post-9/11 society. But beware, there is such deep sadness in the characters of this book your thoughts will be consumed by them.

After my mind was deeply consumed by The Goldfinch I needed something easy to get into and nothing that would be emotionally distressing. I thought choosing Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James would be a book that was light and breezy - suppose to be about raunchy sex, right? However! The emotional fucked up-ed-ness of this book is over the top disturbing! These characters have highly troublesome personality issues, but because I needed to forget about the characters in The Goldfinch I pressed on and became consumed by a man who was severely abused as a child and a woman who allowed herself to be beaten during sex. Oh, man - I need some lighter reading material! 
I read Molokai'i by Alan Brennert after returning from our trip to Maui in hopes that immersing myself in a book about Hawaii I could pretend extend my trip to the island even though I was firmly on the mainland. I liked this book. A look at the real history of leperosy on the islands written in a fictional story. The main character was lovable and I enjoyed the fact that the book spans from her childhood all the way until she leaves this earth. Actually, this book would be a great winter time read helping transport you to a warm, tropical place! 
I officially look at old-timers a little differently after having read Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand in wonder if they may have experienced war crimes as horrific as Loius Zamperini did during WWII. This book is a MUST READ. So touching, moving, scary, I cried like 600 million times. How can human beings be so hateful? Louis Zamperini is an inspiration to us all! 
I tried picking up Princess by Jean Sasson, but ended up returning the book to the library before finishing because the writing and story seemed a little dated to me. Maybe I'll pick it up another time. I've been known to do that - read a chapter or two in a book, quit and then start up again 6 months later.
And finally... I want this cookbook! For someone like me, who has an insanely, ridiculous sweet tooth I need to get into eating sweets with nutrition because I'm not ready to give up the sweets! And this is just the cookbook to use if you want to eat sweets that have fiber, nutrition, and all that goodness! 
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