Friday, October 10, 2014

CSA {Community Supported Agriculture} Week 16 + acoupla shots of Maui

What do I say? How do I start? Today was my first day back to the grind and reality bites first graders bring home piles of papers within the time span of a week. A week spent on an island that is surely paradise - azure colored waters that you swim in, but really don't swim, because the water is so salty you literally float atop the sea salt gazing down through snorkel gear on octopus, blowfish, eels, urchins, coral. Sand to walk upon that feels like powder to the feet. Not a speck of trash anywhere in the water - crystal clear and clean. Coming back to reality I'm glad I have this cornucopia of Sweet Beet's week 16 CSA bushel to talk about - because I'm not sure I can even dare to think up a recipe, procure that recipe, bear down on a sink full of dishes, and hope the kids won't turn their noses up. No. Let's go to a happy spot.

Carrots. Carrots are happy.
And I'm especially happy to eat a carrot fresh from the ground. 
Amelia and I in a field of collards.
I'd call this my sly face.
Wonder what we're looking at?

Back to work.

I'm giving this leek a haircut. 

Into the truck little leeks.

Good leeks.
Gathering turnips.
Amelia is describing the size of something "this big."
Time to gather up these turnips, ya'll. 
Farm day is all done. Now, unto the azure waters.... The day after I farmed at Sweet Beet, my husband and I left the kiddos with Grandma and Grandpa and headed for Maui to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Sigh. 
The freshest lava on the island of Maui - about 300 years old. I guess they call that fresh.
A mai tai at the truly magical Mama's Fish House. The setting of this restaurant takes your breath away! Open-air windows allow the trade winds to blow in off the ocean, unto the beach (that the restaurant feng-shui style rakes), through the palm trees and across your table. There is no way to descriptively tell you how that breeze felt. Delicious. It was a delicious breeze. The menu names the actual fisherman (!) who caught the fish and from which part of the island. Preparation is flawless and flavors meld perfectly. I had a Ahi Tuna Filet Crusted with Panko, Sesame and Ginger served alongside a Kalua Pig (local Maui pork) Fried Rice. Travis had Prawns in a Coconut Sauce with Coconut Rice & Steamed Baby Bok Choi. Service was attentive and overall our best dining experience in Maui. 
One of the many sunsets we enjoyed outside our hotel.
Big Beach at Makena State Park. We hiked up that little mountain there to the other side - Little Beach - where we surprisingly discovered clothing is optional. 
Me and a wall of lava rock. 
Big Beach from the top of the hill we hiked up. I hiked barefoot. In fact, I was barefoot most of the week. I think I can get down with the barefoot movement. Now if it wasn't for all that snow in Minnesota. 
Another piece of clothing I can get used to living in - my bathing suit.
A hike we did ended in this lovely little waterfall - called Twin Falls. You have to hike through a private farm called Wailele Farm. The trail was full of beautiful plants! Hibiscus, palms, banana trees, papaya, mango, coconut - I couldn't even begin to name a fraction of the beauty. Parts of the trail smelled so deeply aromatic you'd thought you had opened up a bottle of curry and inhaled! Travis may have been embarrassed of my deep breathing, but I couldn't stop inhaling it was sooo fragrant!
One last sunset. Aloha! 

Tell me... What is your idea of paradise? 

Farm Photos c/o Mary Sue Stevens - all else, my own.

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