Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New Journey… Taking Stock Foods // Brand Ambassador

In the Valley
Standing in the Valley, Ready to Make the Climb to Victory! 

Are you the best version of yourself today? Asking myself the same question, I answer "Nope, I'm not yet where I want to be," but because I know God isn't done with me yet and He is full grace and mercy I'm being propelled to a path of personal transformation which I feel strongly compelled to share because maybe you, too, are going through struggles and want victory!!

Are you with me? Seeking Abundance… 

Seeking abundance through self-love, mercy, grace, motivation, positivity, less noise, more meaningful relationships, spirituality, career contentment (no matter the path - especially SAHM!), consistency in eating and exercising and fill-in-the-blank-blank-blank-it-blank-blank??

Are you giving me a big fat OH, YEAZZZZZ! 

Well, jump aboard this choo-choo train and read on because I'm writing a new exciting chapter!

Whole Foods Minneapolis
Whole Foods Market Minneapolis
My Story…

After leaving culinary school, I had the privilege to learn commercial kitchen operations and etiquette at the mega-grocery store chain, Whole Foods Market (I can chop, wash, spin, and store 98 heads of romaine like a boss!).

Finally, though, after accepting I was ultimately not destined for a future in the company, I hesitatingly and fearfully resigned.

Fearfully because of what I perceived in leaving: the stability of  my consistent paycheck to cover  my monthly expenses, healthcare for my family, many freebies and lots of great benefits and basically all the societal pressures and expectations I had was instilling this spirit of fear in me.
After 10 months working as a chef
After 10 Months of No Consistent Exercise

While working full-time, I felt it better to serve my family rather than exercising my body and maybe serving is better, but I know, as someone prone to depression,  regular exercise greatly improves my mental state (talk about endorphins). Exercise came very, very last on my priority list. I acknowledge not everyone is fortunate enough to NOT work full-time therefore allowing them time for personal development but, I truly believe we can FORM the life we desire through prayer and faith! 

Choosing the things which inspire you to become the best YOU. 

For me…nature, water, cooking a great meal and enjoying with friends, worship & meditation, exercise, fresh air, a garden, laughter, my kiddos & husband, travel. 

Today and everyday forward, I'm choosing (and you should, too!) a spirit of gratitude and faith!

By that spirit I'm confident all the right doors will open for me to share my talents and passions which will in turn help individuals in my circle of influence become the most authentic and truest version of themselves.

Do you love it?!
Turmeric Potion & Feet Up & The Patio // 🆗
Turmeric Ginger Broth

Now, my next (victorious) chapter…

Taking Stock Foods is a growing St. Paul-based company run by two smart women entrepreneur's who I'm colloraborting with as their Brand Ambassador. Taking Stock aims to "...make excellent, delicious broth out of local and organic ingredients. Taking Stock was our response to the need for locally made bone broth in the Upper Midwest. Many of our customers enjoy making their own, but wish they had a more convenient option for when they don’t have the time to cook it themselves. We solve that problem with Taking Stock broth which is cooked for 12 hours, using simple and fantastic ingredients. The result is a product that we are proud to feed to our own friends and families. Taking Stock takes the time to do it right, so you don’t have to."

It's my honor to act as an instrument connecting people who seek improved health and wellness to a small, or maybe not so small, vehicle such as bone broth.
Bone Broth is the fancy, hipster way of saying what my mother, her mother, and her mother have been doing for generations: making their own stock from chicken carcasses. Call it what you want, this stuff is beyond nourishing and wholesome. Glug, glug.
A Hot Mug of Bone Broth Soothes the Soul
Brodo Bone Broth
Visiting NYC's Original Bone Broth Take-Out Window.

Benefits of Drinking Bone Broth Regularly… 

Heal tiny holes in digestive track, improving leaky gut, irritable bowl and/or other digestive issues. 

Increase protein, collagen, vitamins and minerals in your diet. Causing radiant skin, healthy hair and nails. 

Boost metabolism and fight sugar cravings by occasionally replacing a meal with bone broth.  

Nourish your self and inner being. 

What can you expect to see from Foodie In Minnesota in the future?

Inspiring people to become a better version of themselves. How do we do that? By investing in our personal well being = moving our bodies + being conscious of our eating choices + meditation on thoughts of positivity = living a life of freedom and happiness.

Learn More About Taking Stock Bone Broth Click Here.

Favorite Foodie in MN Recipes Using Bone Broth… 
Butternut Squash Soup
Chicken & Dumplings

Visit Taking Stock…
Ginger Turmeric Broth
Braised Red Cabbage

Please leave a comment if this resonated with you at all or if you have any honest opinions. I would love to hear your feedback!


  1. Happy and Healthy living life...
    Great Article

  2. Your blogs and journals are quite interesting. i love the way you have such a positive attitude towards life. As i am a foodie too i love reading about foods and cookery.


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