Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wanna-Be Chef / Move over Giada / Food Network Star in Waiting

Come one, come all to my personal Freak Show. Behold, my riveting Food Network performance sent to FN producers for the show Best Home Cook in America, here on the bee-log for all to see. The casting director said start and stops are OK and asked that I talk about myself and not the actual cooking because apparently FN knows how to cook - pa-shaw. The video feels really spastic to me, but it does show my squirrely, fun personality - too bad the producers didn't get the impression I AM AN AWESOME wanna-be chef. Next season, FN, next season. With over 400 views I either have some magnetic sparkle in my video or my Grandma has nothing else to do - probably the latter - yep, I checked with my Grandma, it's definitely the latter.


I'd love to hear all about your kitchen adventures! Xo, Becki