Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Making my way to Ballymaloe // A morning in Dublin

Regency Hotel Dublin, Ireland
Good morning from Ireland! It's surreal to be drinking coffee in a Dublin hotel restaurant, about to write a blog about my travels, amidst din of other travelers, foreign language utterances floating around me, soaking it all in before it's work, work, work. What was a night of trying to sleep into the correct time zone, read: my eyes were brightly open after a measly two hours of sleep, staying that way for about four more hours, but thankfully fell back asleep and woke up at 8:00 am local time and *hopefully* will be on the regular sleep schedule tonight. 

Regency Hotel Dublin, IrelandRegency Hotel Dublin, Ireland

Regency Hotel Dublin, Ireland

Regency Hotel Dublin, Ireland
My new chef shoes ready to see Ireland.
Regency Hotel Dublin, Ireland
The skyline of Dublin.

The travel went really well, but I would say that driving on the left side of the road is seriously treacherous. Why is the world not consistent on this?! Thankfully, public transport is a thing here and I'll be learning to take a bus, train, and taxi, real quick. Last night for dinner was a hotel pub dinner, Guinness and Smithwick's, Bangers and Mash. For a hotel restaurant it was decent. I think they like gravy here. My Slavic roots can get down with that. As for sightseeing, haven't done much yet, but today will try to take public transport into Dublin and see the epicenter of the country in one afternoon. The hotel offers a fantastic view overlooking what seems to be the basin the city center sits in. As you gaze onto the horizon, ten cathedral spires dot the land and a dense fog settles in layers. Trees are abundant, fluffy and deeply green. From that view alone I can feel the magic and mystery that surround this mystical place. 

Update (9/12/2015): I realize that an easy recipe could be added to this post!

Printable Recipe Here

Bangers and Mash

Yield: 1 dinner serving

3 scoops mashed potatoes
4 browned and crispy sausages

Place mashed potatoes on dinner plate. Top with sausages. Cover in gravy. Yes, I'm calling this a "recipe."

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