Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Apple, Brie & Honey Bites {Simple + Elegant Party Food}

Hello! Are you being absolutely fabulous today? I hope you are. A sure way to immediately raise your fabulosity quotient would be back-pocketing a delightfully simple, super easy peesy (I seriously hate that word, I need a peesy intervention) apple topped brie appetizer to serve at your next girlfriend, family, work, etc. etc. gathering. Apples, cheese, honey, salt. It's a no-cook, no-frills, no-stress party app and in the app season, and, no I don't mean cell phone app, don't we all need something simple yet elegant?

Apple, Brie & Honey Bites

Yield: 1 small platter

1 large, fresh, juicy apple 
About 12 1" slices of brie (or enough for each apple slice)
Chunky sea salt

Cooking Note: Honeycrisp is my favorite apple variety, it doesn't seem to brown as fast as other varieties. If you're not serving this right away and are turned off by brown apples, toss slices with a teaspoon of lemon juice to prevent discoloration. 

Slice apple in half, lay flat on cutting board and slice into 1/8" thick slices. Lay slices on a platter. Lay brie chunks over apple slices. Drizzle with a bit of honey. Sprinkle with a chunky sea salt (I used a sea salt infused with charcoal).  


  1. Thought at first there was black sesame on there.. then thought.. hmm that would also be delicious!

    1. I wondered if sesame seeds would be a good sub for black charcoal salt - and, why yes! as you also thought they sure would be, right?


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