Friday, September 26, 2014

CSA {Community Supported Agriculture} Week 15

OK, OK, I feel as if I may have been moaning and groaning about the state of my crisper drawer, but my parents taught me when the going gets tough the tough get going. Yes, being part of CSA challenges even the most inventive and adventurous home cook to be just that - inventive and adventurous, but when else will you be challenged to do so? Let's welcome the challenge. Bring it on. My competitive spirit has officially risen to the top. As they say in the homesteader circles - Let's put it up!

Just another beautiful morning standing in a prolific pepper field. Prolific is not great enough word for this pepper field. Every plant reveals 6 - 10 juicy, gigantically ripe peppers begging to be picked. 
This vegetable is a cross between bok choi and spinach - called tat soi. Delicious raw or tossed into fried rice, stir fry, or simply sautéed with fresh ginger and garlic.
This day on the farm brought us the harvest of edamame. Not the GMO variety. The organic soylacious variety. Soylacious is a word I just made up. 
I'm really good at making up words.  
And good at making up ways to eat vegetables.  
Tell me... What would you do with this pile of plentiful produce?

Vegetables from L to R: Italian Parsley, Rainbow Chard, Cherry Tomatoes, Basil, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Peppers - Bell, Hungarian Hot Wax, Jalapenos - Celery, Carrots, Eggplant.

Fantastic Resources for Preserving: 

Photo Credit: Mary Sue Stevens

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