Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pot Roast & Hot Sauerkraut Sandwich

Could this be one of the reasons why my husband fell in love with me so many years ago? Because I can make a really tasty sandwich? Probably. Because sandwiches are straight up man food. Meaty Man Food.

This was my husband's lunch today. He became 19% manlier by eating this sandwich. As if that is even possible! He'd seriously kill me if he knew I was publishing this on the internet...so don't tell him. I don't think he looks at this...but we're sure to find out soon! Either way, you should make this sandwich if you want to hook a man, keep a man, or become a man.

Printable Recipe Here

Pot Roast & Hot Sauerkraut Sandwich

Yield: 1 Sandwich

2 slices of seedy whole grain bread
Horseradish, to taste (I used about a tablespoon)
Heaping 1/2 cup of shredded pot roast
1-2 tablespoons sauerkraut
1-2 slices Jarlsberg cheese (or similar good melting cheese)

Preheat a small non-stick skillet over moderate heat while preparing sandwich.

Lay each slice of bread on a cutting board and spread with a thin layer of butter. Flip buttered bread over and spread a thin layer of mayonnaise and horseradish on each slice.

Warm pot roast in the microwave for about a minute, then lay shredded meat on top of one of the mayonnaise/horseradish pieces. Scatter sauerkraut over pot roast, season with pepper. Top with cheese. Place other piece of bread on cheese, mayonnaise/horseradish side down.

Place sandwich butter-side down on preheated skillet and cook until deeply brown and crispy, about 2-3 minutes. Flip, and cook on other side about another 2-3 minutes. You may need to reduce heat to medium-low if the bread is becoming too brown.

Using a spatula, remove sandwich from pan when brown, crispy and delicious looking. Slice in half and serve with assorted pickled things.

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